Here are some of the consultancy services I provide that will help your organisation.

Interim Executive

I can help third sector charity organisations by placement as an experienced third sector Interim Executive. This can be to support leadership transition or other organisational change.

Strategic Planning

Working with the board of your charity to develop a strategic plan that will  inform the targets set in your business plan.  From this, we can go on to  develop business plans and a comprehensive mission statement. I will guide you through consultation with other stakeholders, like service users, funders or members of your charity.

Strategic Fundraising

Working with you to develop a coherent, long term, fundraising strategy which will enable your charity to be sustainable in the long term. I have raised millions of pounds for a range of difficult causes over the past thirty years and I can use this experience to help you. Click here to find out more about why you might want to hire me as your fundraising consultant.

Organisational Development

Is your organisation moving to a new phase in its development? My consultancy services can assist you to determine required staff roles, write job descriptions, liaise with funders and communicate with existing staff to ensure they are with you through the whole process.

I also mentor senior staff in fundraising and management roles to help them grow in their roles and contribute more to your organisation.

Communication Strategy

Identifying who your audiences are and identifying the key messages you want to get across to them is a core part of my consultancy service. Once these key messages and audiences are identified this I will write a full communication strategy from email newsletters to printed publications through to social media. I can also bring in designers, source printing and advise on social media and web site issues.

Internet and IT Consultancy

Helping you select or develop your own fundraising and CRM database system.  In the past few years GDPR and other data protection issues have become paramount. As a consultant specialising in charities I will advise you on how to stay compliant with the law.

I have successfully moved organisations to cloud-based computing solutions (Office 365 and G-Suite) in order to let staff work remotely whilst still collaborating. I can assist your staff with this transition and advise on how to get some of these services at reduced charity rates.

More than just one person

When you hire me you aren’t just hiring one person. I have a network of experts who can be brought in to work on your project. as required.

Training and facilitation

As well as providing consultancy services I also work as a trainer in all these areas for voluntary board members or staff. I am also experienced in facilitating discussions and planning meetings.

Freelance Work

In addition to these consultancy services you might need an extra pair of hands to help with  copy writing, fundraising management, web design or staff mentoring. I am also experienced in social media, online advertising and video editing (I am an official YouTube content creator with over 10 million views of my own videos). I am happy to consider any freelance assignments you may have.

Get some help today

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